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How to Change Mac OS X Boot Screen Color to any color you love

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Why not just use the software? And its interesting. Unless I spend the time to figure out what its doing. The first step is to find an image you want to replace the standard boot logo with. It can be any size, but on some Macs like mine it will be squished to fit the square space the old logo was in so I recommend using a square image. The next step is to put the logo in the place where the OS will find it.

How to change Mac’s Boot Screen Color

The next step is to tell the OS that you want a different logo. At the bottom of this you will need to change the permissions so that you can edit the files in this folder. Click the lock at the bottom and enter your password. Click the plus sign and select your user name. Then click the lock again to save the changes. Now open that file in a text editor.

How to change your Mac's boot screen

TextEdit will work fine. And before each of these lines add in an indent so that these lines line up with the lines below them. Now save this file it should work because you changed the permissions but it might complain a little.

That should be all you need! Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.

Download and install BootXChanger

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Create new account. Dark Boot 6. Enable the black boot screen with white Apple logo on all Macs. Follow This App Developer website: Wolfgang Baird. Download Now. See discussion Is Dark Boot really the best app in System category?

How to Customize Boot Logo on Mac OS X

See discussion. Dark Boot allows you to edit the way your mac starts. With Dark Boot you can: