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Voir tout. Tableau de bord traders du Groupe XM. GOLD 16,0 84,0. OIL 31,5 68,5. JP 25,3 74,7. GER30 63,9 36,1. US30 2,7 97,3. Kerning pairs are the exceptions. Note that in the Type menu, under Kern you have "Tighten" and "Loosen".

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I just mapped those to the same keyboard shortcuts I use in Illustrator since they're long burned into my brain. No need to select individual letter pairs and use the Tracking. This stuff has been there for over a year.

précarité typographique

This example background lines are 25 pixels, yet font line-height says its And probably the most annoying one: I'm a little puzzled as to why this isn't more of a concern This is definitely a deal breaker for us. There are a lot of bugs and missing features in Sketch type.

I find the pain of not being able to have multiple text styles inside a paragraph extremely annoying. Also sometimes the line height being buggy or when I start typing and the text disappears - makes me want to cry. I really hope they'll fix this soon.

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The developers pretty much work on the clock to fix bugs and add features. I've emailed them constantly on bugs, additional features etc and they usually respond within a day. Shoot them an email outlining all of this, they'll thank you for it and the entire Sketch community will too.

Looks like most of your questions have been answered, working with glyphs is not easy in Sketch yet though. If there is a common set you're working with you might find it helpful to setup a template file with and artboard of commonly used glyphs. You can also make them into symbols too if you want to be able to update their appearance throughout a document in one go.

Other than that most type features are available in the side panel or under Type in the toolbar including the options for All Caps and kerning etc:. What unit does the paragraph spacing use? I can understand line-height using a multiple of the font-size, but there's no parallel for doing this with paragraph spacing on the web…. I hate to comment on a week old thread but you can add a "Fonts" item in the sketch toolbar to bring up the OS X Font Panel instead of right-clicking the text.

Handy if you use those typographic features often. I ran into a related issue where Sketch automatically renders prime marks inch and foot marks as curly apostrophe and curly closing quote marks.

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Sometimes all you want is a glyph to denote a specific meaning, like say a measurement. In this case, I wanted to type out 1.


I correctly predicted a work around using Illustrator. It works!