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Any ideas? Assassin83 Pretty unfamiliar still with Minecraft on Macs, but I do know that people have installed it successfully. Just curious, was your MC 1. Hey i want to install it through mcpatcher can you help me and this is for my tekkit server can you please help me????!!! I would check the minecraftforge. Alternatively, maybe just install Forge manually, then use ML for other mods??? Looking for some advice on this. It appears to continually crash with Mcpatcher running and a conflict between Forge and Mcpatcher. Not sure if this is anything you can comment or recommend given you do not appear to be supporting Mcpatcher.

Unless you can recommend a different HD graphical mod other than Mcpatcher or Optifine? Given it appears to work without Mcpatcher, but would prefer to run with HD graphics since my computer can support that. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated. We have started looking into Optifine, but still need to do confliction testing on it. As long as you install Forge after ModLoader, your Minecraft will work fine and any mods that require ModLoader will also work fine.

Hey there. Greetz, Natas. If so, then I would recommend to create a new Windows profile, login to it, install Minecraft, install ModLoader, install Forge, double check it works fine, then copy the. I have to add something: Natas Yes, it may be something to do with Linux. Sorry about that.

Yes i defo deleted the.

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It should work, if so, then copy the installation back to your normal Windows profile. There must be something going wrong somewhere. Buildcraft and IC2 but Forge and Mcpatcher do not seem to want to work. Seems to happen only slightly less often than the full on crash. Anadelonbrin Was happens if you do a fresh install, manually install Forge, then test without using MCPatcher at all? Does that make sense? Please follow the General Mod Management tutorial to help you get setup properly for modding minecraft. I have a question. Is this mod compatible with optifine?

Does anyone know the answer to this problem? Mine installs fine but it removes all game sound music etc. Im on a MAC. Have a look inside the minecraft. Hopefully that makes sense, let me know if not. Darkktana Yep, other people have reported this problem also. If you prefer not to post it here, then please PM it to us on YouTube. I downloaded Forge 3. Insert Name Here OK, then I would suggest creating a new profile on the computer, login to it, install minecraft, install forge, test. If it works, then copy this installation over to your normal profile.

It would seem strange, but it could be. Insert Name Here This should work for you… http: Insert Name Here Easiest to first download the minecraft. It can work for you. What happens? At what point does it stop working?

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If in doubt, watch the video up above as it shows the download and where to click on. Can you plaese help me i tryed the newest version of force and then i got an error and than i tryed lowers and they all give me an error that they are to low onley 1 not.

Biosphere Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

And that was from this webiste. This is the error i got. Plaese help me:. Loaded minecraft. Loaded EE2ClientV1. Loaded RedPowerCore Loaded WizardCraft. Windows 7 x86 version 6. NullPointerException at cpw. My guess is that one of the other mods you have installed has file conflictions with Forge. So I would install Forge v3. Sergio No, not yet. Still waiting on the Forge crew to update the mod. Done loading. And then you go in game. Ehh, when i install mod and launch the game it just stays in that position…Please Help!

Im rustrated only being able to use select few mods. Sorry, Bad speller. TheItNess No, still no word yet on release date. This is a big update for them so might take a while. The problem might be that your Minecraft 1. You may need to upgrade to 1. The Minecraft Forge client v3. Thanks for the feedback! Please use the suggestion form in the Members Area for any mods you wanted added. A couple of questions… What version of Minecraft are you running? What other mods do you have installed? BlackGandalf OK, am guessing that your Minecraft 1.

If so, then I would suggest to backup your worlds, delete your. Hey whatever i try it always gives me black screen! So I have 1. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Osci16 Howdy, sorry for delayed reply! What mod do you need to install after Forge? Just install Forge, then whatever other mods you want to use.

Let me know how you go. The instructions were:. Osci16 OK, I would do a fresh install of Minecraft 1. Then see if Minecraft will run. Part of the error message you posted said a download error occured, so make sure your internet connection is working. And this is with a fresh minecraft.

Perhaps you have an environment without internet access. You will need to download the file manually or restart and let it try again. Some files failed to download or were otherwise corrupted. You will need to manually obtain the following files from these download links and ensure your lib directory is clean. They may help you diagnose and resolve the issue A download error occured at cpw.

Read timed out at sun. Read timed out at java. A fatal error occured and FML cannot continue Bad video card drivers! Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated OpenGL mode. This can usually be fixed by updating the video card drivers. Windows XP x86 version 5. Client — Texture Pack: NullPointerException ]. Pixel format not accelerated at org.

Delta Sorry for delayed reply. Unsure of why this is happening. Was your Minecraft a fresh installation of 1. If it was upgraded, check the troubleshooting tab above and do a fresh install to see if that fixes it. Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Failed to start game This error has been saved to C: Please include a copy of this file if you report this crash to anyone. FML v3. Default — Profiler Position: Can not set static pixelmon. Pixelmon field pixelmon. GenerationExporter at cpw. GenerationExporter at sun. FinalFantasyFan6 My guess is that Forge is conflicting with one of the other mods you have installed.

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Might need to do a re-install of Minecraft, then install Forge, then any other mods. Check the Troubleshooting tab above for specific instructions on re-installing minecraft.

Move Plus Mod 1.2.5

Where is the download link? I cannot download it from the website. It says page not found. I am using a mac. Assuming you do, the link in the next page will be on top right of the screen where the count-down is then it changes to Skip Ad. I just re-installed my. Can someone help? So I would make sure your Internet is working properly and try again. How long did it take when it was trying to download the FML files?

It should only take seconds at most. It did take about 5 seconds, then told me to check ForgeModLoader-client-0 for the error log. Rafaela Was your friends computer on the same internet connection as your? I definitely suspect something is going on with the internet connectivity on your computer. At worst, I would get it working properly on your friends computer, then grab a copy of the.

Yes, 1. They already have pre-release versions of Forge for 1. Here is a link for the latest fore releases http: If so, that is probably the problem. With Forge for Minecraft 1. Izual Zephyr Is it a fresh install of 1. If it was upgraded, then make a backup of your. It feels easier just starting from scratch. Izual Zephyr OK good. Did you definitely delete the. Izual Zephyr Really Strange! What I would do if I were you is just to try again. Hope that makes sense! OK, so i run minecraft 1.

No, my minecraft would still work, its just that it wasnt affected, but i think i know the problem, thanks anyway. It wont do anything. I took all the steps and did all the troubleshooting things….. It just didnt do anything. Beckumz Can you please confirm if you are you running MC v1. Also, what version of Windows are you running?

Minecraft 1.2.3 Mods #3 - Biosphere - 05/03/2012 - By IlSaggioToto

Does Minecraft run and can you open a world? You must be logged in to post a comment. Forge Allows certain mods that have cross-over functionality to work together without crashing the game Download Mod Installer. LexManos, Eloraam, Spacetoad. Creators Description. None available. Mod Home Page. Minecraft Forum Page. Minecraft Mod Installer. Download Mod Installer. Sign Up. Noodles46 April 16, Andy June 30, OK thxs man i will try that. Btw do i keep my minecraft running while i am diking it or wot?

Hookr61 July 4, MARvinbilodeau July 4, Dawnflower12 July 4, Get PC, it will work much better. Zymory June 3, Zymory Can you please advise what other mods you have installed? Firestorm June 24, Bloodvane July 27, Never mind i just used a fresh jar. VanishPlanet April 22, Hi VanishPlanet I feel your pain! Also, did you start with a fresh install of minecraft? Hi zoso, As I understand, the installation of Forge on a mac is basically the same process. ClearBig Tooter April 26, Jonva April 27, It seems that a lot of people have this problem. EvilLogic May 14, Hi, when I try and install forge, I get this: J-SpaceR6 May 30, What stage does it get up to?

What happens when it crashes? HELP ive looked through all comments and non are similar to mine: BlackStar June 1, When I Login the sign of Mojang appears then this happens: BlazerRazer June 5, This happens to me to! I play in 1. Gippabmx June 5, We use 7zip because we like it better.

Porky June 13, Porky June 19, Porky June 26, With this awesome mod, you can run faster so that you can escape faster. You can download it here: You can use it by double tapping w,a,s or d, and instead of running you speed run. You can also double jump by double tapping the space bar. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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[1.2.5] X Mod Pack v3.1

A site to give you the on Minecraft. Search Search for: Steps to installation: Copy the java class files in the Move Plus folder. Paste them in your minecraft. Open minecraft and enjoy!